Follow these simple steps if you would also like to become a member of JCI Leipzig:

  • 1. Please contact us by using the form provided on the right hand side of this page. We will send you further information and invite you to come to one of our events.
  • 2. You can visit several of our events in order to get a feel for our organisation. This way, you will know whether we are the right organisation for you and whether you can identify with our principles. Furthermore, we can get to know you.
  • 3. You can apply to become a member of JCI Leipzig. The yearly contribution is 200 Euros, 150 Euros in the first year.

As a member you will actively work with other members in one of our working groups on projects, visit regional, national and international conferences and have the chance to take part in diverse training. Do not forget that you will also get to know lots of people who tick just like you.
Watch the video to learn which goals JCI aims to achieve by 2030.